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Juniper Growth inspires executives, non-profit leaders and their teams to reach their full potential. We know that executives and their teams discover new levels of performance when they work with knowledgeable partners to build up their skills and strategies.

An elite athlete wouldn’t think of working without a coach - should you?

Our process helps you develop a profound understanding of the needs of your team and your stakeholders.

Leading Juniper Growth is its founder, Jennifer Gould. Jennifer has provided leadership to organizations from start-up to Fortune 500 for nearly 30 years. Jennifer’s coaching practice has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her deep business insight has been honed through launching companies, divisions, new products and services for some of the nation’s fastest-growing industries and her relationship-centered approach is often cited for the difference it makes in the results clients achieve.

Profound insights

We work together with you to develop an intimate understanding of your stakeholders - your team, your clients, your partners, your investors, the market and your self. Our facilitation process reveals profound insights into your mutual needs. With this understanding, you will have the keys to unlock untapped potential in you and your executive team to achieve extraordinary results.

Our conversations are more fruitful with more positive outcomes. These results are consistently evident with my team, life, career and business.”


Gary Baron, CEO, Voice Systems Engineering

I am more able to connect with clients at a higher level … it is refreshing how this approach clearly changes how others relate to me and how it opens many doors in our conversation.”


Christopher J. Scarafile, Principal, Meyer - Architecture - Interiors

I’ve stopped reacting and focus on desired outcome before I engage.”


David Mulvey, CEO, Advanced Network Products

I better prioritize, leading to better decisions and better engage in my business.”


President, $55M flooring company

I really stop to think about the intended end result, I better prioritize and support the team in focusing on the important things.”


Mary Anne Walk, Chief Relations Officer, Gestalt International Study Center

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Jennifer Gould also leads CEO/Business Owner Peer Advisory Boards through Vistage International®. To get started or to join a Peer Advisory Board, please contact Jennifer Gould at